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Custom Reamers

GAMMONS offers special reamers for specific applications with tight tolerances. Below, you can choose a reamer template and specify the size and specifications, or you can email your pre-defined specs for a specific reamer in mind at

You may also choose any of our standard reamers to modify which can include shortening the overall length or altering the cutting diameter. See our reamer selection and contact us to modify a standard reamer. Special reamers types can include:

  • Chucking Reamers
  • Piloted Reamers
  • Shell Reamers
  • Bushing Reamers
  • Tie Rod Reamers
  • Barrel Reamers
  • King Pin
  • Tapered Reamers
  • And many more...

Create a custom reamer by downloading our template sheet and filling it out to your specifications within Adobe Reader. Select from one the styles below and send the completed form to

Note: May automatically open or download template depending on browser. Will not save if on Google Chrome.

Straight Shank Chucking Reamer
Straight Shank Chucking Reamer With Pilot
Morse Shank Chucking Reamer
Morse Shank Chucking Reamer With Pilot
Straight Shank Tapered Reamer
Straight Shank Chucking Step Reamer With Pilot
Morse Shank Tapered Reamer
Morse Shank Chucking Step Reamer With Pilot

Hole Templates

Straight Hole
Tapered Hole
Piloted Hole
Stepped Hole