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The Gammons Hoaglund Company is a US-based cutting tool manufacturing company that specializes in high-quality custom reamers made under demanding standards, to provide high performance, tight-tolerance operation. At GAMMONS®, we pride ourselves on the quality, precision and performance of our products. Our cutting tools are made to exceptionally high standards, and we custom produce cutting tools to meet the precision needs of any job.

Our high-helix reamer designs deliver top quality, the greatest accuracy and unparalleled precision. This allows for superior chip removal while avoiding costly scoring and binding. These reamers deliver shear cutting action and increased surface contact without chatter, deflection, or vibration. We use top grade materials, such as High-Speed Steel, Cobalt and Carbide.

 For over 100 years, we have established a strong customer base which extends into virtually all industries, including Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Robotics, Weapons, Airplanes, Power-Generation, Railroads, Plastic Injection Molding, Musical Instruments and Flow Meters.

We are consistently expanding our products in the reamer market. Reamers from thirty thousandths of an inch (smaller than the thickness of your credit card) to eight inches in diameter or smaller are being produced every day. Gammons survived the Great Depression, several wars and downturns in the economy over the last 100 years. We continue to innovate and make cutting tools in many styles and sizes. We guarantee Commitment, Perfection and Customer Satisfaction.


The New Britain Herald News: Gammons Hoaglund Company

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Meet the Owner

Paul Stefanik III- President 

Paul Stefanik III was born and raised in the State of Connecticut. Paul enjoys playing golf on the weekends and loves fishing. He received a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1984. He went on to become a Financial Auditor and Management Consultant at Arthur Andersen & Co. He has worked with numerous businesses, hospitals and nonprofit organizations throughout his career. He had the privilege to serve on the boards and committees of numerous nonprofit organizations because he believes in giving back to the community. Paul and his wife, Beth, the Vice President of The Gammons Hoaglund Company, have volunteered considerable hours to these organizations.

 Paul’s father owned Magni-Bal Corporation, a manufacturing company that made aircraft engine parts, as well as The Gammons Hoaglund Company.  Paul III was hired by his father in 1987 to work at Gammons and was able to purchase the company from his father in 1990. He saw the potential for growth made possible by the introduction and development of computerized operations and invested over two million dollars in computer and manufacturing equipment. Paul is always looking for the next big thing and strives to learn different technologies that will make his business more efficient. He is currently working to make formally manual machining operations autonomous and is expecting to reach this goal soon.


Company History

William Booth Gammons: Founder

The GAMMONS® Hoaglund Company was started by William Booth Gammons in 1918. From an early age, William Gammons was very intrigued by machinery and through his curiosity he learned to execute new ideas and build different types of machines. He worked for numerous manufacturing companies, such as Dwight Slate Machinery Company of Hartford, Pratt & Whitney, Fenn Manufacturing Company and Colts Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, where he honed his machining skills.


William Gammons became a respected inventor in his day, as a machinist, he invented the intermittent alarm clock and an automatic money changing machine. He perfected the Gammons (Helical) Taper Pin Reamer, for which he received a patent, and would become the main product of his new reamer manufacturing company. He received many patents for his inventions including the Parob Reamer, Gammons Expansion Reamer and a broaching machine. 


William Gammons worked as a foreman at Pratt & Whitney when he invented the Helical reamer. He tried to sell the tool to P&W, but they rejected Williams plan as being too "revolutionary". His luck changed when one of the directors encouraged him to start a business and with proper guidance, instructed William on business procedures.


William Gammons and his wife, Susannah, sold their house and with their life savings started their own manufacturing company.


In 1920, William Gammons, Charles William Holman and H.O. Bowers partnered to form the Gammons-Holman Company. Their helical reamers were used both nationally and internationally during WWII. Gammons supplied the allied forces with reamers to be used in airplanes and radios.


Charles William Holman


William always believed in fairness, hard work and community. He gave both men and women jobs at the factory. Each worker would receive a quarterly check, in addition to their regular salary, because William believed in profit sharing and equality.  




In 1932, William Gammons died and his wife, Susannah Gammons, became President. She bought Mr. Holman's company shares, and decided to partner with C. Arthur Hoaglund, a tool engineer that had worked with her husband, to form Gammons Hoaglund. Susannah Gammons remained President until she passed away in 1940. Her daughter, Marion Booth Gammons was the general manager of the company during this time and then became president until the company was sold in 1966.




               William Gammons and Susannah Gammons Grave


Joseph Brescia purchased The Gammons Hoaglund Company in 1966 and ran the business until it was subsequently sold to Paul Stefanik Jr. in 1984. Mr. Stefanik then purchased the Buol Machine Company- a New Britain, Connecticut based reamer manufacturer and combined both companies in East Hartford, Connecticut. Paul's son Paul Stefanik III purchased the company from his father in 1990, returned it to Manchester Connecticut and has expanded the manufacturing company by investing in CNC equipment and acquiring the William E. Kraus Company and East Coast Precision Grinding. He merged all these companies under the GAMMONS® Hoaglund Company trademark.


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     VIEW Article Here                                                                                  Gammons Patented fluted reamer  1924




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"We tried other reamers, but we got buried in scrap. The cheap reamers ended up costing us much more than the Gammons' reamers. We went right back to Gammons."

Richard Zelles
Vice President
Magni-Bal Corporation

"We have to hold tolerances and angles that other companies won't touch. Gammons custom work is superb. Their reamers can't be matched. They last longer. Hold the edge better. They let us give our customers products with a precision finish. Products we're proud of."

Brad Harken, Purchasing
Blackhawk Engineering

"Our products are clear acrylic, and finish is everything. We just won't consider anything but a Gammons Hoaglund reamer."

Darrell Freeman
Machine Shop Supervisor
Blue-White Industries












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