Originators and Designers of Specialty Reamers and Cutting Tools Since 1918

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About Us

Holding The Cutting Edge For Over 100 Years

The Gammons Hoaglund Company is a US-based cutting tool manufacturing company specializing in high-quality custom reamers created under demanding standards.

Our custom reamers provide increased performance and tight-tolerance operation. We pride ourselves on the quality, precision and performance of our products with cutting tools made to meet the precision needs of any job.

For over 100 years, we have established a strong customer base which extends into virtually all industries including Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Robotics, Weapons, Airplanes, Power-Generation, Railroads, Plastic Injection Molding, Musical Instruments and Flow Meters.


Company History | Meet The Owner

As originators of some specialty reamers, we offer years of understanding and experience manufacturing tools that cannot be produced anywhere else.

We are consistently expanding our products in the reamer market. Reamers from thirty thousandths of an inch (smaller than the thickness of your credit card) to eight inches in diameter or smaller are being produced every day. Gammons survived the Great Depression, several wars and downturns in the economy over the last 100 years. We continue to innovate and make cutting tools in many styles and sizes. We guarantee Commitment, Perfection and Customer Satisfaction.

Our high-helix reamer designs deliver top quality, the greatest accuracy and unparalleled precision. This allows for superior chip removal while avoiding costly scoring and binding. These reamers deliver shear cutting action and increased surface contact without chatter, deflection, or vibration. We use top grade materials, such as High-Speed Steel, Cobalt and Carbide.