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Types of Reamers

Reamer Tools

There are several types of reamers created using different types of materials for various applications within machining. Here are some of the standard types that you may see as a machinist.

  • Chucking Reamers are the most widely used reamer and commonly used in lathes to enlarge smooth holes.
  • Morse Taper Reamers are used to finish morse taper holes or sleeves.
  • Automotive Reamers are used to ream steel for car parts such as steering arms, ball joints, and tie rod ends in vehicles.
  • Die Maker Reamers are used to create tools such as die sets, punches, and steel rule dies.
  • Welding Equipment Reamers are used for precision finishing in welding guns, cap-type electrodes, and other welding equipment.
  • Taper Pin Reamers are used to make tapered holes for taper pins.

Reamers are also built in different materials:

  • High Speed Steel is the most commonly used material since it’s inexpensive.
  • Tungsten Carbide is on the more expensive side, but has higher longevity than high speed steel.

Certain types of reamers can also be customized for special flute styles such as Right Hand Spiral, Left Hand Spiral, Straight Flute, or with Chip Breakers.