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Stub Reamers - Standard Length

Schedule K2

These abbreviated versions of the chucking reamer are ideal for applications where the holes are shallow. 

Originally designed for use in screw machines, these tools can be used in a wide variety of machining applications. Pinholes in the shank allow for use in floating holders. 

Our Stub Reamers are available in a wide variety of diameters, cuts and flute spirals. They are also available in 3, 4, 6 or 8 flute styles or as semi-finished blanks.

Flute diameters are held to a tolerance of +.0002"/-.0000" unless otherwise requested.

Left Hand Spiral with Right Hand Cut  - SSLR     Right Hand Spiral with Right Hand Cut - SSRR

Straight Flute with Right Hand Cut - SSSR            Left Hand Spiral with Left Hand Cut - SSLL

Right Hand Spiral with Left Hand Cut - SSRL       Straight Flute with Left Hand Cut - SSSL

Also furnished as specials with end teeth, steps or pilots.

Available in high-speed steel or carbide. 

Shipping Costs Not Included In Price

All Surface Treatments Available Upon Request. Return to Gammons for Resharpening.

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