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Duplex Taper Welding Equip Reamer Solid Type

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Duplex Morse Taper Welding Reamers are ideally suited for precision finishing in welding guns, cap-type electrodes, and other forms of welding equipment.

The duplex flute configuration of one straight or slow spiral flute surrounded by high helix flutes eliminates chatter and rifling, thereby providing an extremely fine finish.

They can also be made as specials in different angles, extra length, special helix angles, end cutting or in premium high-speed steel or carbide.

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All Surface Treatments Available Upon Request. Return to Gammons for Resharpening.

Part Number Size Small End Diameter Large End Diameter Flute Length Number of Flutes Shank Size Overall Length
MWDMS000 0 0.284 0.362 1.50 6 0.313 3.00 Login for Pricing
MWDMS001 1 0.436 0.511 1.50 6 0.438 3.00 Login for Pricing
MWDMS002 2 0.586 0.661 1.50 8 0.563 3.00 Login for Pricing
MWDMS003 3 0.812 0.887 1.50 8 0.750 3.00 Login for Pricing

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