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The Future of The Gammons Hoaglund Company: Robotics?

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Tools and Reamers! But Robotics?: Gammons Has a Cool Robot Getting All The Attention


Five years ago, Gammons decided to introduce a new member to its family.

Yes! You guessed it, a robot!

They call it Cobot, a collaborative robot, that can perform tasks quickly and efficiently. The Cobot helps the company lower costs by autonomously loading parts into machines.

Currently, there are two machines set next to the Cobot that share a close relationship. These machines work with the robot to autonomously complete tasks. A team member initially sets up the job for the day and then the robot takes over to finish the task.

Soon, Gammons will be able to use the Vision Assisted Movement technology on the Cobot, to effectively increase the dexterity and flexibility of the robot's task. The goal is for the Cobot to complete jobs during "lights out" operations over-night and with less downtime during the day.

Gammons has strived to implement newer technologies and have consistently delivered high quality products. As Gammons pushes towards new ways to improve operations, it maintains high standards in everything it does.

- Prachit Parikh

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